What is PPC

PPC stands for “pay per click” and it’s an advertising model used by many sites including the world's biggest search engine Google. If you perform a search on Google you’ll see adverts at the top and normally on the right hand side as well. Those advertisers pay when someone clicks on those adverts, thus “pay per click” – Google calls its PPC service “Adwords”.

Now you can set up and manage your own Adwords account however most businesses either don’t have the time or resources to truly master everything and also stay ahead of new features and changes so most successful Adwords advertisers use PPC services, of which there are two types…

1. PPC management – this is where they simply manage the adverts, keywords, settings
2. PPC management & optimisation – this is where consistent tweaks to adverts, bid amounts, adgroups, campaigns, and much more are performed to really get the most profit from the account

… my PPC services are “PPC management & optimisation” because this is really needed to get the very best from your account.

There are also a number of different cost options from PPC providers..

1. Monthly management fee
2. Percentage of monthly spend with Google
3. Monthly management fee & percentage of Google spend
4. Cost per click (on top of Google's costs)

… I prefer to keep things simple for my clients so I use the monthly management fee structure which starts at just £250/m for professional Google Adwords management & optimisation, daily algorithm bidding and unlimited consultation time with me.