Professional Adwords PPC Training

Professional Adwords PPC TrainingAs well as managing and optimizing your Google Adwords PPC account, I can also train you or your staff. Regardless of their current level I will be able to help them. I have two types of level of training…

1. Advanced

This training covers such topics as: Adword set up and options, keyword research, competitor research, advert creation, working with different types of keywords ie broad, broad modified, phrase, exact, negative, setting budgets and bids, reviewing performance data and general day to day management.

2. Expert

This moves on from the advanced stage and covers such topics as: split testing and how to use the data to take action, bidding strategies and automation rules.

Training is done via the telephone whilst using desktop share software provided by myself so the trainee can see my screen and is done in a very calm training style to encourage open discussion and the need for them to feel at ease to ask questions.

Training costs £90/hr + VAT and it’s worth contacting me first with details of the current level of knowledge of those to be trained so I can advise how many hours will be needed, but in general, for anyone that has a basic understanding of Adwords, the advanced training will take around 3 hours and expert will need top up hours after the advanced of around 2 hours. For those new to Adwords I would add a few hours on top to cover the basics.

Please note: The hours are not done all together, they will be broken up and homework set so the actual training time for the trainee(s) will be longer than the hours with me.