PPC Bing & Yahoo

PPC Bing & YahooGoogle has the lion's share when it comes to PPC. However, that doesn't mean you should limit your online advertising to AdWords. That's why I offer PPC for Bing/Yahoo! as well.

There is no question that Google is the search giant, especially in the UK. But its competition is growing, and many marketers are now targeting users of other search engines, especially Microsoft's Bing. Now is a great time to start advertising on this network, and you will find it comes with some attractive benefits.

Smaller Market, Cheaper Clicks

You may not have even considered PPC on Bing/Yahoo! before after all, it only has 10% to 20% of the market in the UK and that may not have been enough to tempt you.

But 10% to 20% is still significant.

And there is one potential bonus that you may not have considered yet: the click price can be a lot cheaper. That means it can make a lot of sense to target Bing/Yahoo! as well as Google.

On top of that, you may also have less competition. While everyone is fighting away in Google, you may find you can drive some quality traffic through to your website from Bing where your competitors are still not active.

Expected Growth

Although nothing is certain, Bing's market share could well go up in the future. Microsoft launched their TV advertising campaign, 'Bing It On', which could lead more people to try it out for themselves.

In the USA its share is larger at over 20%, which makes it even more tempting if you are targeting the US market for your products and services.

If you can get in early and get a solid presence on the search engine in its relatively early days, this could all be to your advantage in the future.

Use the Same Effective System

I provide the exact same service with the Bing/Yahoo! package that I use with Google AdWords. That means the same systems, the same manual reviews, constant management, algorithm bidding system and more. Remember this is not just a PPC management service, but an optimisation service as well.

The simple fee structure includes everything, including unlimited consultation time with me, and everything is managed for you so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Get a 20% Discount!

You can choose the Bing/Yahoo! option as a standalone service, but I usually recommend doing it together with Google AdWords. This means you cover all your options, and in addition I'll give you a 20% discount if you use both platforms.

Let's Talk

Get in touch today to find out about my Bing & Yahoo! PPC service, and start taking advantage of all the benefits. Don't just cover 80% to 90% with Google cover 100% by using all the platforms available. Now is a great time to start a presence on Bing/Yahoo! and I would love to help you get the most out of your PPC advertising starting today.