Google Adwords Health Check

Google Adwords Health Check If you already have a Google Adwords account and would like to see if it can be improved by my services then why not grab a free no obligation health check (I’m perfectly happy to sign a non disclosure agreement , I have my own as well if you’d like to use that).

During my health check review I’ll look at…

1. General account settings such as budgets, day / time controls, country, language, network, etc
2. Account structure and strategy used
3. Account management history
4. Keywords used, click through rates, quality score
5. Keyword types ie exact, phrase, broad, broad modified, negative
6. Actual keywords triggered
7. Adverts used and click through rates
8. Account, keywords, advert performance data
9. Bid management
10. Compare your account with your competitors data
… I’ll then email you my notes from the review and be more than happy to discuss the findings with you in-depth.

All I need to review your site is your Google Adwords “client ID” which can be found when you log into Adwords top left of your screen and will look like: Client ID: 123-456-789 – once I have that I will request access to your account, Google will email you to authorise my request and once authorised I will be able to start my health check review. Once complete, in just a few clicks you can remove my access from your account.

To get started simply email me your client ID number or if you prefer me to sign a non disclosure agreement first please email me your NDA or contact me to use mine. Any questions please get in touch, I’m here to help.

* PLEASE NOTE: As I do the review myself and like to take a little time to study everything in your account, please allow a few days for me to get the health check report notes back to you..