Q1. Why don’t I just manage it myself ?

A1. You can, and many businesses do and make great profit from Google Adwords, however some of you may not have the time internally to keep on top of all the changes and also to learn all the advanced strategies and tactics to gain the most success which is where I come in. I live and breath internet marketing and have done since 1995 so for some businesses, leaving this to me to turbo charge their PPC results whilst they focus on running and growing their business gives the best all round results.

Q2. Does your management fees including everything ?

A2. No, my fees are to manage and optimise your Adwords account, you will need to pay Google direct via your Adwords account for the clicks you gain. Some companies will set up an account for you and hide it, stating they can’t show you before it will reveal “secrets”, I prefer to be open and transparent so it will be your account you can access at any time to see what I am doing.

Q3. Am I tied into any contract with you ?

A4. No, I don’t believe I need to tie clients into contracts, I simply ask clients to give me 3 months to prove myself. You can pause, increase or reduce your package with me at any time.

Q4. Could I get a nasty surprise bill from Google if too many people click on my advert ?

A4. No, as we will agree a daily budget which will be set up – Google can sometimes go a little over this, ie 5-10% so this will also be factored in.

Q5. How long after sign up will my adverts start to show on Google ?

A5. A lot depends on how fast you can get back to me with the various information I need, for example at the start I’ll need to discuss keyword ideas, I’ll grab a lot of research, I’ll brain storm adverts, account set up, budgets etc, whilst we both want to go live ASAP it’s important not to rush the planning stages as getting this perfect will really benefit us later on. Normally all this takes around a week taking into account normal client reaction times due to their own workload etc.

Q6. Can I also make changes to my Adwords account if you are managing it ?

A6. You can but I kindly ask that you do not. The reason being is that my systems that calculate data and changes do this over three RackSpace cloud servers and then connect to your account and they won't be aware of any changes you’ve made and will overwrite them with the previous data they hold so if you need any changes please contact me so I can do it.

Q7. Your prices compared to other providers seem cheap why is this ?

A7. I hear this sometimes and it makes me smile, I like to think I’m not greedy so when I worked out my business model, price point, growth projections etc I worked out what I think my time is worth which is factored into the prices. Also unlike some of my competitors I don’t have huge fancy offices or staff so these costs can be taken off the prices. It’s not uncommon for a client to move to me from a big known agency maybe paying £2k/m in management to one of my plans, being a little unsure because of the price drop, and later start asking questions on how I was able to increase clicks and lower costs better than their previous provider, which also makes me smile.

Q8. My question isn’t here what should I do ?

A8. Please contact me and I’d be delighted to answer your questions.