Proof Of Power

I thought it would be nice to share some examples of what my PPC services have been able to do.

Here is a graph taken from one of my clients comparing the last 3 months to the 3 months prior - please click on it to see it full size. At the time of this screenshot the client had been with me just over 3 months leaving a big well known London advertising agency. As you can see in just 3 months (so the optimisation has only just started to kick in) they have...

54.14% more visits 54.14% more visits

144.73% more impressions 144.73% more impressions

45.58% more clicks 45.58% more clicks

... their monthly cost is also down just under 10% currently.

Here's another client, showing improvements over 60 days...

... where the last 30 days saw an increase in visitors over 24.78%, in just 1 month.

And finally an account comparing the last 6 months with the 6 months prior...

54.14% more visits 113.50% more visits
54.14% more visits 30.18% more impressions
54.14% more visits 18% more clicks
54.14% more visits -18.80 reduction in bounce rate
54.14% more visits 115.56 increase in goal (which is a sale)

* Please note: Some personal data was removed at the request of my clients from the screenshots.

Hopefully this has whet your appetite to see what I could do for your business. Any questions of the above please feel free to contact me.